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Since the 1970s, the US dollar has lost 80% of its purchasing power, while gold appreciated 5000% If you had purchased 3 ounces of gold in 1970 for $100, it would be worth approximately $6,096 today

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St. Joseph Partners is a service provider to ​individual investors and institutions focused on ​physical gold, silver and the precious metals.

We believe in a well-balanced portfolio for the ups and downs of ​the markets and investors need to recognize that a portfolio is not ​balanced or diversified if it doesn't contain exposure to assets that ​are uncorrelated.

Gold is virtually the only liquid asset inversely correlated to stocks ​and bonds, hence its unique role in finance as a diversifier and ​wealth preservation tool during times of correction.

Drew Mason, Managing Partner at St. Joseph Partners, ​offers prudent insight into the financial markets and ​why precious metals are a time-tested investment.

The long-term view with a balanced approach ​is much better than an algorithm written by a ​Wall Street trader.

We know by looking at history that market cycles come and go and ​wealth can be created and destroyed very quickly. Investors and ​their families have been using physical gold and silver for centuries ​to preserve their wealth and fortify their futures.

This has proven particularly valuable during times of excessive ​debts and political uncertainty like we face today. Invest in physical ​gold today and be prepared for the upcoming challenges in stocks, ​bonds, real estate, and the value of the dollar.

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For over a decade we have assisted investors ​with our exclusive focus on precious metals.

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