quote I find your wealth advisors not only very knowledgeable, but also very personable to work with. I am impressed with the quality of the coins that I have received and look forward to making more purchases of gold and silver in the very near future.quote

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Thank you for the personal call. I love your company.


Your shipment content was beautiful and thank you. God Bless.


Very pleased with my order and the service I received… my wealth specialist, was extremely helpful and pleasant in answering all my questions throughout the process of placing my order and my concerns about the delivery. All was very much appreciated.


Exceptional service and exceptional people.


Thank you. Great service and rapid response. I have enjoyed working with your company.


Thank you. Excellent customer service and experience.


I want to express my gratitude for your prompt shipment and great customer service. I will be going with your company in the future for any precious metal purchases. I would love to leave a review for other people in the market for gold to let them know that you are a trustworthy supplier.


You guys are great. Thanks!


Thank you, very pleased with my purchase. Will be ordering more in the future.


Everything looked great! God Bless.


Very happy with your service! Thanks!


I'm emailing you today to show my appreciation for the excellent customer service that I received from your team… It was such a pleasant experience to be treated like my business mattered and that my satisfaction was his goal. It's customer service like this that will bring me back for any future precious metal purchases.


Amazing experience. Thanks!


Everything was wonderful, thank you for checking in...


I’ll be buying more through you!


All arrived as promised. Thank you!


Thank you for everything you've done for us. Your honesty and education that steered us into a confident place. We talked to your wealth specialist and she was so nice and very informative on our order. She explained everything about it. Thank you... Stay strong, keep up the fight and God Bless.

Is Your Retirement Plan A Significant Portion Of Your Wealth?

In 2022 St. Joseph Partners was chosen as one of two preferred gold dealers by one of America’s largest independent custodians. The selection was based on a review of thousands of retirement accounts and our grading was based on our accountability to deliver as promised, our track record of funding client’s accounts in a timely manner, that our recommendations were aligned with investors’ best interests, and the value our service provided.

Do not lose sleep over seeing a lifetime of savings in your retirement account caught in a market downdraft. You can save your retirement wealth in physical gold and silver. Click here for more details.

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Once In A Generation

History is clear that when markets are pressured, opportunities present themselves to investors who are knowledgeable about financial history and have positioned themselves accordingly. The probabilities regarding gold’s ability to protect families during times of market stress and equip families to fortify their futures is exemplary.

Instead of being devastated during periods of intense market turbulence, portfolios crafted with gold allocations have consistently shown more resilience, enabling investors to take advantage of the opportunities present after market stress rather than needing to dig out from positions of weakness.

Our report, Once In A Generation, details gold’s impact on portfolios spanning the modern era, enabling investors to make informed and unbiased decisions to protect their wealth.

We show readers the impact various weightings of gold have had on portfolio risk as well as return since gold began trading freely and how gold has been negatively correlated to stocks, bonds and real estate during its first fifty years as a freely trading asset. Allocating to gold is easy – Understand why you want some gold in your portfolio.

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Have you Insured Your Wealth?

You insure your life, your property and your health. Take steps now to insure your wealth.

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History Whispers To Us That a New Paradigm Is At Hand

America however remains unprepared for the epic change our founders warned us about 200 years ago. The years ahead will represent the greatest transformation of society in centuries. Those investors who look to history for guidance have the chance to prosper from the opportunities emerging in the new paradigm.

Learn more by watching the videos below.

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Rather than displaying pages of items that we cannot quickly deliver, we only show items that are available. If there is an item you are particularly interested in, please call a wealth specialist and we will gladly go over delivery timing and pricing for you.

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