How significant is just your response alone?


Words Of Leviticus

Words of Leviticus

Book of Esther

A lesson from Kings

Para Biblical Support

Remember the words of Leviticus 26:

… Just five people together can chase [i.e. have the worldly strength of...] 100, … 100 of you can put 10,000 to flight…[showing the exponential power of just a few believers joined in purpose as we pray and fast ... a great equalizer the Lord has given believers]

… So just a handful of us, scattered across the Pacific Northwest, the Dairy Land, the Sugar Sands, The Rockies… or wherever we may be…without even knowing each other can overcome the strength of 100 who oppose us, and just 100 of us can change history ... and will change the world tomorrow.

Want to have an impact on the world? But how to do so? From your hospital bed, from your position on the manufacturing line, as a student or whatever your walk of life - Without even saying a word to another, you can change history. Scripture is clear that prayer alone cannot defeat evil. Fasting must be combined with prayer to achieve such victory. By extension fasting so powerfully protects and aids the focus of our intentions - our courageous first responders, our nation, and one another as we pray for our brothers and sisters who pick up the gauntlet and fast alongside us.

Who We Are

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