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On the front you see America’s first president, George Washington, kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge; a depiction of the moment as described in the Library of Congress, when he was visited by Mary, the mother of our Redeemer. This moment was a time of extraordinary grace in America as Washington had lost every battle leading up to that moment, and the Revolutionary dream seemed an impossibility. After that visitation America’s fortunes reversed, and Washington went on to win the greatest military upset in world history – a victory that literally seemed unimaginable at the time of Heaven’s rescue. The latitude and longitude mark the exact spot of this visitation, which we consider to be America’s holy ground.

The tent, like the tent in the Old Testament where God revealed himself to Moses, was where Washington was when heaven revealed itself to America’s president during his visitation. The lone pine tree depicted is a representation of the first flag of the U.S. Navy, a symbol of the resistance to British tyranny.

To the right of Washington is the miraculous image of Guadalupe, inexplicably delivered to the exact center point of the Americas 246 years before Washington’s rescue from Valley Forge. This image is important as it triggered a wave of conversion to Christ so grand in scope, the entire continent of Latin America shifted from being Aztec with rampant human sacrifice to Christianity. The miraculous image, still unexplainable by science is visible 500 years later to all who journey to see it in Mexico City. We have chosen this miraculous image of Guadalupe to be the mint mark of The St. Joseph Mint.
We think that it is not merely coincidental that we designed these Jesus Rounds in 2023, exactly another 246 years after Heaven’s 2nd rescue of the Americas at Valley Forge. 2023 was the only year possible for this symmetry.

It is our belief that heaven’s third rescue of the Americas has begun, according to Heaven’s words to Washington in 1777 as recorded in the Library of Congress. 

The reverse of the round is a reproduction of the first seal of the United States of America, as designed by Benjamin Franklin and our founding fathers which stands in stark contrast to the seal used today.

It depicts the parting of the Red Sea with the Pillar of Fire leading Moses and God’s people out of captivity to freedom, and the destruction of ungodly captors.

The words “Appeal to Heaven” were important to our Founding Fathers as the notion went beyond the obvious appealing to Heaven with prayer. These words sprang from their Biblical view that when humanity cannot find justice in earthly courts, it has every right to appeal to the Heavenly courts for justice. Just as we see today, America’s early settlers felt the courts were ignoring God’s law and inappropriately burdening the citizens. The twelve stars represent the crown on the queen as depicted in Revelation 12, a prophecy that astronomers say dramatically occurred on September 23, 2017,
exactly as Revelation described in a constellation that may only viewed every 7,000 years.

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